Welcome to the Women in Europe and Central Asia website on HIV and related women's issues 

POSTER FOR INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2012:  We have a powerful poster with messages of women living with HIV from around the world, highlighting the challenges they are facing. Please feel free to download, share and use this poster amongst your colleagues and community.

LAUNCH OF NEW LISTSERV: To mark International Women's Day 2012, we are also delighted to announce the launch of a new listserv known as WECAREtoo2. WECAREtoo2 has been established for people who want to support WECARe+ and will be a space for advocates, decision makers, clinicians, women's rights activists, people affected by HIV to name a few.
This is a place where information will be shared and discussed by interested parties across Europe and Central Asia.

ROME: To read about  our involvement in the International AIDS Conference in Rome, July 2011, go to the Rome 2011 tab.

WASHINGTON: To read about the International AIDS Conference in Washington, AIDS 2012 and on-going work on SRR and HIV linkages, please also visit the ATHENA Network website. The ATHENA Network is the coordinating agency of the Women's Networking Zone.

OUR WORK: The work of our members continues across the Europe and Central Asia region, on a voluntary basis, despite our total lack of funding. This is why there have been no updates to this site for some time. If you would like to support us or join us, we would be delighted! Please contact us through our website manager: Salamander Trust

About This Website

This website, launched in January 2010, is primarily - but not exclusively - for women across Europe and Central Asia who are working on sexual and reproductive health issues affecting women and girls across this region. The website is designed to be a multi-lingual website, to enable women from the many different language groups across the region to share with one another the issues we face, the visions we hold and the work we are all doing to make these visions a reality.

Leading on from our landmark meeting held in Vienna, 30 October - 1 November 2009, we planned together for the International AIDS Conference held in Vienna in July 2010 - and we also plan to work together across the region in the future. At the first meeting in Vienna, women from the following countries attended:

Albania, Armenia, Austria, France, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, Ivory Coast, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Zambia.

The meeting was kindly hosted by AIDSHilfe Vienna and was mainly funded by Ford Foundation (through the Institute of International Education) and IPPF. Some participants were funded through their own sources.

If you want to read more about the meeting and how inspirational it was you can click here to read the blog from Silvia, one of the great participants.

To read more about the meeting and our decisions made there to form WECARe+ click here and also visit other pages of this website.

Please also read about our survey of women living with HIV across the region on the relevant tab.

Please come back to this webpage soon. We will be adding to it regularly.

About Vienna, July 2010; the High Level Meeting June 2011 and Rome 2011

You can read about our engagement with these events on relevant tabs on this site 

With many many thanks to all the help of those who have kindly volunteered  their on-going time to support us with translation of this website.